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September 18, 20231 min read

September is the month of balance.  It is the month of the Autumnal Equinox, when once again, the hours or light are equal to the hours of darkness.  The harvest season is beginning to wane, the pumpkins are ripe in the field - at least some people’s pumpkins are!  Anyway - September is a great time to get your energy body back into balance, as the energies of the earth shift to a balance point, why not be in alignment with those global energies?


• The chakras are your body’s energy filters, and filters need clearing.

• Dirty chakras may cause you to feel sluggish, slow minded and fatigued.

• Damaged or clogged chakras may point to an underlying disease process that needs to be addressed.

Clear Chakras strengthen and support your body’s processes.

Balanced Chakras allow greater access to divine energy, your connection to God, as well as clear thinking, and greater intuition.

Healing the chakras can bring closure to past life traumas, as the chakra system accompanies the soul on all of life’s journeys, past and present.

Let’s clear away what you’ve been building up through the year, and head into Autumn, clear and refreshed.

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I got a call from Susan at the Brighton Buzz asking if I wanted to advertise n the next issue. My response was that I either needed to keep my ad running or fold the business.

About 90% of the calls that I receive include a comment like, ”I saw your ad in the Brighton Buzz….

The majority of my calls take me inside a home, it is not unusual for somebody to pick up a copy of the Buzz and say they found me right there. The Buzz that they show me is frequently not the latest issue. The Buzz has great holding power! At the same time, I can always tell when The Buzz has hit mailboxes. My phone starts ringing. A lot of people seem to look through it right away.

The cost per home is low, the cost per response is reasonable. Am I going to continue to advertise in the Brighton Buzz? You can count on it!

Roome Paget

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