The Brighton BuzzThe Brighton Buzz is a monthly magazine that circulates to the Northeastern Metro Denver area containing advertisements for businesses in this area as well as news and events. The focus of the magazine is to capture the community feel and to enhance the lives of its readers with up-to-date information. A comment that’s commonly heard is, “I can’t wait until the new issue comes out! I sit down and read it from cover to cover to see what’s going on in the area and get great coupons for purchases the coming month.” Originally, the graphics were created to give our readers a feel of what Brighton and surrounding communities are about when reading the magazine. We hope that each issue further encourages people to explore what’s there and gain information that makes that month more fun, cost-effective, and comfortable.

Our experienced staff is dedicated to bringing our best effort to our readers with each issue. The Brighton Buzz began with a 2,000 distribution in 2005 and currently circulates to 48,943 homes. This growth in the distribution has happened consistently because of the return on investment to our advertisers, which is a result of our readership responding to the publication. Our business tagline is “Bee The Buzz Around Town” when you advertise in The Brighton Buzz. It’s easy enough to become a part of the local business scene.

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