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Offered by: Mark and Kim Lucas

In The Doghouse In The Doghouse, a local family owned and operated hot dog restaurant, started by Brighton locals Kim and Mark Lucas, has operated as a food truck throughout Brighton and the greater Metro Denver area for the past two years. The restaurant move has been a long time family dream.

“A store has always been the goal,” Kim Lucas said, “We first wanted to start slow and build up a base of support and a following of loyal fans.”

The name of the restaurant is in honor of Kim’s late brother who lost his life in a motorcycle accident, using the expression that he was often known by, being “in the doghouse.”

The Lucases are passionate about their signature product, Casper hot dogs, whose been serving families in the bay area for 85 years, which they have shipped in directly from California. Casper hot dogs are footlong dogs made with no preservatives. They have a natural casing and are steamed for that famous “snap” of a great hot dog.

Now, the Lucases are hoping the move into a restaurant space is a precursor to expanding the popularity of the Casper dog to Brighton residents and beyond.

In addition to a selection of various regular dogs, the restaurant will feature, Polish, Italian sausage, brats, chili cheese, Chicago dogs and be the official home of the Colorado dog. The restaurant will also serve floats, ice cream, milkshakes and a secret menu, with items such as the Christmas Dog (half-and-half green and red chili) and the Jake Dog (a chili cheese dog topped with a Frito Pie), named for one of Kim’s two sons. The couple, who both have children from previous marriages, have eight children between the two and their first grandson. On any day you can find one or more of their children working alongside them.

The restaurant’s interior features wooden tables and chairs, black-and-white pictures of old hot dog stands from the 30s and 40s, and “country chic” accessories. It’s a look some customers at the opening described as “homey”. The Lucases are hoping to make Brighton that – and more – for years to come.

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Offered by: Thollot Jewelers Thornton, CO

Thollot Diamonds And Fine Jewelry Offering Up To 50% Off As They Build The True-Colorado Jewelry Experience!

Renovation Liquidation Sale Going on Now! Featuring Millions in Manufacturer Overstock Jewelry!

As Thollot Jewelers gears up for the remodeling of their store, they want to thank their customers for “pardoning their dust” and remind everyone that the store will remain open! To add to the excitement, Thollot is happy to announce their Renovation Liquidation Sale… Their biggest sale ever! The Thornton jeweler has brought in over $1 Million Dollars in manufacturer’s overstock jewelry that they will be offering up to 50% off from now until September 1st.

The sale and store remodel is all part of Thollot’s mission of raising the bar on the Colorado Jewelry Experience. This renovation gives them the opportunity to build a true-Colorado dream store and give their customers the once in a lifetime opportunity for incredible savings. From the “Pour Your Heart Into It” custom jewelry “brewing” experience to the Idaho Springs Gold Mine reclaimed wood on their walls, Thollot is building an experience that has been designed specifically for the Colorado customer!

For more information or any questions, please contact: Thollot Jewelers at (303) 280-3374 or visit

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Thollot Jewelers

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Offered by: Palizzi Farm

Anyone visiting The Palizzi Farm Market on 6th & Bromley with any regularity has had an opportunity to meet and come to know Jose Gutierrez. Jose has been an integral part of the farm’s management for 30 years.

Jose arrived at Palizzi Farm in 1985 and was trained to understand American farming by Carlie Palizzi, primarily, as well as Margaret Palizzi who coached him by imparting her extensive knowledge of the history and experience on the farm. Jose quickly became a supervisor and when Carlie died in 1989, began taking over the management of the farm. Margaret passed away in 1998, and since that time Jose and Debbie Palizzi have worked together to continue the the legacy of Palizzi Farm.

Jose not only works managing the farm, but regularly attends 6 markets each week all over the Denver Metro area during the summer. Jose’s ability to innovate new products and farming procedures keeps things fresh and constantly improving Palizzi Farm, one of Brighton’s favorite places to enjoy Summer with their delicious fruits, vegetables, and famous Peaches & Cream Corn.

Stop by Palizzi Market today and say hello to Debbie, Jose,and Tito while taking home the essence of the season…delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables!

Save The Date! Don’t miss our Labor Day Chili & Corn Harvest event August 31st – September 2nd!

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Offered by: Scott & Lora Nordby – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

In this Seller’s market, many people have considered selling their home, and many people have followed through with great success. Selling your home isn’t without its challenges, but if you avoid the following mistakes and keep your eye on the prize, you can minimize your stress and look back at the experience fondly!

1. Not Prepping to Sell

Start by taking and honest look at your home (with all its “quirks”) and fix something that would be a deal breaker in your new home. For example, the carpet areas that your once-upon-a-time new puppy chewed up are not going to show well or sit well with potential buyers. Replace the carpet and eliminate that objection.

2. So Emotional

Some people detach naturally and others have a really difficult time with it. Being emotionally attached can make it harder to make a sale, though. You may resist making changes because you think your home is great just the way it is. If you’re struggling, talk with someone close to you, or your REALTOR, and clear up any concerns you have as soon as you have them.

3. Skipping A REALTOR

Speaking of a REALTOR, it just makes sense to have one. Your real estate professional will know the market, have access to a network to promote your business through, and a plan to get your home sold. Do not skip having the most valuable advocate in your corner.

4. Dirty Laundry

It isn’t easy living in a home that is for sale. Last minute showings, open houses, and constantly nagging your family to wash the dishes and put away their shoes can be exhausting. Remember that potential buyers want to see themselves in an ideal setting, and it’s harder to picture that when the house isn’t tidy.

If you are ready to buy or sell this summer, give us a call! We’d be happy to answer any questions and get you moving! Call us today at 303-638-6229!

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Offered by: Jessica Ahmed, LAc, DiplOM – Brighton Acupuncture

As our lives seem to get fuller and faster all the time, “stress” has changed from a smart adaptation to help us survive to one of the biggest complaints in our culture. Symptoms of stress range from irritability, frustration, anxiety and depression on the emotional side to physical tolls such as tight necks, backs and shoulders. Fatigue, unwanted weight gain/loss and insomnia are additional effects of stress, and it is a contributing factor in many serious health conditions, including heart disease.

While we cannot always change the circumstances in our lives, we can learn to deal with stress more productively. Small changes can add up quickly, so here are a few things to try:

  • Food: Focus on whole foods such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains, dairy, eggs and lean meat. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you might reconsider eating it! Limit stimulants such as caffeine, as well as sugar and refined carbohydrates.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise is critical to maintaining healthy stress levels. Try finding things you like doing such as hiking or dancing to keep it fun, and don’t forget to stretch.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture can provide an immediate feeling of relaxation, and is calming to the nervous system. Over time, your body learns to deal with stress more productively.
  • Herbal Medicine: Chinese herbal formulas help alleviate symptoms associated with stress, including insomnia, fatigue and physical tension.
  • Sleep: Everyone needs a different amount, so make sure you are getting sufficient sleep for your body.
  • Breathing: Stress breathing is usually shallow, rapid and higher up in the chest, so focus on taking slow, deep breaths lower in your belly. Let your abdomen expand while you inhale and deflate while you exhale.

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Brighton Acupuncture

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Offered by: City of Brighton Communications Office

One of the city’s open spaces is getting a new look. Mattive Open Space, located across Bromley Lane from the Oasis Family Aquatics Park, is in the process of being turned into a pollinator-friendly landscape.

This habitat will contain plants, flowers and grass that are all native to Colorado and attract insects that help pollinate the environment such as birds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies.

“A lot of these plants are what you would find growing here naturally 150 years ago when Brighton was farmland,” City of Brighton Open Space Manager Kyle Sylvester said. “So it’s all the stuff that’s going to do really well and we’re excited about it.”

Volunteers spent a Saturday in May at Mattive Open Space planting 130 different species of shrubs such as American Plum, Four Wing Saltbush, Buffaloberry, Rabbitbrush, Three Leaf Sumac, Golden Currant and Western Sand Cherry. Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado assisted with planting all the shrubs in about a dozen different locations. One thing you may notice though is the unique shape of the gardens that were planted.

“It kind of has a kidney bean shape or an amoeba shape,” Sylvester said. “That’s a natural shape. We don’t plant things in straight lines or in pairs because that looks more man made and we want it to look as natural as possible.”

The pollinator garden will fill in 2.5 acres of the 17 acres of land at Mattive Open Space. This change to the landscape was made possible through the city’s partnerships with Butterfly Pavilion, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado and a mini grant the city received from Adams County to help cover the costs.

“One of the things I’m passionate about is getting people with their hands on nature,” Butterfly Pavilion Horticulture Director Amy Yarger said. “Nature is not far away. It’s in our yards and our own parks and our own open spaces; so making sure that when people come out here they are seeing Colorado for its beauty.”

As part of the city’s ongoing partnership with Butterfly Pavilion, there will be opportunities to train community members and help them become Restoration Master Volunteers.

“These are community members who actually get trained to help us collect data on sites like this and help maintain sites like this over time,” Yarger said. “So we’re hoping to continue this by having weed-management sessions, weed pulls and also getting community members out here to measure the pollinator population so to come out here and actually do some observations and collect data for us so we can see how this habitat changes over time.”

The city’s next phase of connecting the community to Mattive Open Space will be installing interpretive signs to educate about this restoration project.

“The signs will explain what pollinators do for us, the different kinds of pollinating plants we have out here, why they’re important and what a native grass prairie does and what it should look like,” Sylvester said.

Following the installation of interpretive signs, the city will be reseeding the area with native grass and perennial seeds this fall.

This pollinator garden is the first of its kind in Brighton, but the natural beauty and convenience of having nature in our own backyards is nothing new to our city.

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Offered by: Brighton Bulldog Tires, Wheels & Alignment

Brighton Bulldog Tires, Wheels & Alignment is an Automotive Service Center opened in October 2018 with the purpose of serving the Brighton community and surrounding towns and neighborhoods. We aim to resolve driving issues related to suspension, steering and tires. We are also experts at four wheel alignments using new, “state of the art” alignment equipment.

Although we recently opened, our experience in the field of tires, suspension and alignments goes back many years. We are a family owned business with roots in Brighton going back to the late ‘60’s.

Please come in and see us for your new or used tire needs as well as alignments, brakes, shocks, struts and wheels. You will find that our prices are lower than the big franchise tire stores!

We appreciate you and say, Thank You, to those customers that have come by and allowed us to serve you.

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Offered by: Abby Martin – Indigo Equestrian Training

Abby Martin of Indigo Equestrian Training is proud to serve the community as an experienced horsemanship instructor. Abby specializes in Cowboy Dressage, a discipline she chose because of its commitment to Soft Feel, kindness, harmony and partnership. Abby has spent six years riding in Cowboy Dressage, and last year she had the amazing privilege of interning under its creator and founder, Eitan Beth-Halachmy. Abby competed in the Cowboy Dressage World Finals, where she took the High Point Professionals Award. She also had the distinction of being the youngest competitor in the prestigious Top Hand competition, taking 5th place. Abby is a Certified Level III Clinician in Cowboy Dressage.

Abby Martin

Abby has a delightful way with children, helping them understand the need for safety in riding but also the importance of having fun as they are pursuing their dreams! Abby has a passion for building a solid foundation for beginning riders, from children (age 7+), to adults, and helping those who long to build a deeper connection with their horses. She loves taking people from where they are at to a better place in knowledge and relationship with an equine partner!

Groundwork is a vital part of her program, and she enjoys starting each of her student’s relationship-building at this level. Abby also teaches her students to work through obstacles one step at a time and uses the art of La Garrocha to help create well-rounded horse and rider pairs.

Indigo Equestrian Training has an exciting summer planned with clinics held at Triple C Stables in Fort Lupton. Reserve your spot today in “Beyond the Saddle,” “Exploring Soft Feel,” or “Building Blocks to Liberty” clinics. For young equestrians wanting to take regular lessons, “Jumpstart to Horsemanship” is for ages 7-14. Abby has private lesson availability and will work with you at Triple C with her horse or yours, as well as come to your property to work with you and your horse. Abby would love to help you discover the joys of connection and harmony that come through partnership with the horse.

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Offered by: Dawn Dycus, M.D. – Brighton Pediatrics, PC

Summertime means warm weather, and time to head outdoors! Many kids will spend time outside playing sports, either informally with friends or in a more organized team sports setting. Some helpful advice to keep kids healthy and safe while outside playing sports:

  • Playing sports outdoors in the heat can result in rapid loss of body fluids, so it’s important to make sure kids stay well hydrated. Thirst is not a good gauge of fluid needs. Most school-aged children and teenagers should drink about 8 ounces of fluid every 20-30 minutes during outdoor activity. Switch from water to sports drinks after 1 hour of play. Coaches and parents should make sure fluids are always available and encourage appropriate breaks to drink fluids.
  • Sun safety is also very important. The first and best line of defense against harmful sun exposure is covering up. Cotton clothing is both cool and protective, and wearing a hat can provide helpful shade for the face. Try to limit sun exposure during peak intensity hours (between 10 AM and 4 PM). Apply an ample amount of sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to any areas not covered by clothing, and reapply every 2 hours.
  • The equipment you wear while playing sports and activities can be key to preventing injuries. For example, helmets, proper footwear, eye protection, mouth guards, and elbow/knee pads are all important, depending on the type of activity.

Athletes should also have a yearly sports physical done by their regular pediatrician to ensure that they are healthy enough to play. The sports physical can be done at the same time as your regular yearly physical. Don’t wait to schedule until right before paperwork is due! Contact your office well in advance to make sure you have enough time to get the physical done. Please see for more information. Have a happy, healthy summer!

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Brighton Pediatrics

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Offered by: Willy Strohmeier – Colorado Karate Club

I love the Brighton’s Trash Bash. After more than 20 years living here, I’ve accumulated so much junk, sometimes it is a joy to throw some old stuff out. As I rummaged through boxes of stuff, I picked up this heavy shoe box that clinked and clanked as I lifted it. When I opened it I found a large number of Karate medals I had hoarded over my years of competition.

To my surprise though, when I looked at them, there was no excitement, joy, or even pride. To me, at that moment, they were just a bunch of meaningless ribbons and metal. So, without a second thought, off they went to the dump – Thank you City of Brighton!

Afterward, I thought it funny how those awards mean so little to me now, even though I had spent so many years training, competing, traveling, and fighting for them. However, it all made perfect sense to me as I recalled that after retiring from competition in 2012, I shared the following thoughts on a social media post:

“As a Karate-ka, why do I train?
I don’t train to make someone else happy,
or to live up to expectations;
I don’t do it to be better than someone else,
And I don’t train for a medal, trophy, or recognition…
In the aftermath of it all, I train for myself!
I train because it makes me happy.
I train to be better than I was yesterday
(Even if my body does not perform as well as it used to),
And I train to satisfy that hunger that burns within me,
To be the best that this human nature, that God gave me,
will allow me to be.”

I realize that my quest was never for first place, but for excellence in what I did and still do. And today, I aim to continue that tradition within myself and our students.

But it is not only about the Martial Arts. Whether you exercise, study, earn a degree, a promotion, or a raise… Where do you find your reward? Is it on the external prize? The numbers on the scale, the grade, the diploma, the new job title, or the extra money? Or is it something that changes you for the better? That gets you closer to fulfilling your full human potential?

In the words of Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” May you become the amazing individual you were meant to be.

Willy Strohmeier – Sensei
Colorado Karate Club

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Colorado Karate Club