Advertising Benefits with The Brighton Buzz

One of the most important rules of advertising is to have a clear message and repeat it. A single impression is hardly enough to capture the imagination or attention of your market. For that reason, The Brighton Buzz advertisers are communicated with monthly on the results of their advertising, and they know it’s possible to rework ads as often as necessary to get their message clear. Articles can be written as an assistance to an advertiser which also increases the success quotient for that advertiser. Photographs are taken, when needed, to enhance ads and bring out the personal side of the business. The photography and articles are given free of charge to make it more possible for advertisers to succeed. The consultation time with Brighton Buzz staff can be equated to having an experienced staff person on board working toward the success of your business.

The Brighton Buzz offers:

  • The most comprehensive distribution in the Northeastern Corridor to over 43,700 Homes and Apartments
  • Complete Resource of Products and Services for All Our Readers
  • Visual Store Front for businesses in Brighton & Surrounding Areas

Distribution to over 44,000 Homes, Businesses and the new Solaire Apartments including

Brighton, Ft. Lupton, Henderson, Commerce City, Keenesburg, Lochbuie and Hudson (directly to their mailboxes)

  • Brighton Rural Routes
    • 80601 – 5,057 homes
    • 80602 – 9,778 homes
    • 80603 – 4,438 Homes
  • Central Brighton – 6,680 homes
  • Henderson – 3,881 homes
  • Reunion – 6,378 homes
  • Fort Lupton – 4,419 homes
  • Hudson – 1,592 homes
  • Keenesburg – 1,268 homes

Professional Staff

The extraordinary talent of Kovas Lapsys, one of our graphic designers, is another great benefit to advertising with The Brighton Buzz. Kovas’ past experience as well as the last 7 ½ years with The Brighton Buzz have brought his talents to their pinnacle in being able to provide you with the best possible expression of your business. Graphic design is included in the cost of your advertising. Sara Line Bjorn Frisk, another valuable member of our team, offers great care and creativity in making changes to existing ads and putting the magazine together to go to press. The personality of the magazine comes from Sara’s desire to make it the best it can be. Sara also created and maintains the website, continuing the branding and integrity of The Brighton Buzz and your business. Your ability to have a consultative approach to your concept design with Susan Kline, Publisher, and the skillful hands of both Kovas and Sara creating your vision, make for an unbeatable combination that produces positive results.

Successful & Effective Results

Having an advertiser shown repeatedly in the magazine brings the best results. The Brighton Buzz strives to offer quality advertising at affordable prices. Given that knowledge, we are not promoting a contractual agreement to accomplish your advertising goals. We look forward to monthly communication on your progress and guarantee a true focus on the success of your advertising. Many of our advertisers consider their ad in The Brighton Buzz a visual storefront for their business. Our readers come to expect to see their ads and offers monthly. For those reasons, the best pricing is offered to our clients who advertise repeatedly. We appreciate their business and they appreciate the exposure.

To find out more about our advertising rates, please click here, or call us directly at 303.404.2000