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Offered by: Katie Easton – Sylvan Learning Center

With schools being out of session since Spring Break, many educators are worried that the summer slide will be even more pronounced in the coming school year. “Summer slide” is the term used to describe the learning loss that naturally occurs when students are out of school for an extended period of time, typically over summer break. Research has shown the affects of the summer slide are even more pronounced for students who already struggle in a particular area, like reading or math. According to Dr. Matthew Lynch, “To succeed academically, children need continuous opportunities to acquire new skills and practice existing ones. This need is especially heightened during the summer months, because children do not have the privilege of being educated by certified teachers” (Education World). So what can you do to help combat the summer slide?

How You Can Help Your Child Succeed

Summer programs are a great way to keep your child engaged and learning throughout the long summer months. Past summers provided a multitude of programs for children to enroll in to keep learning, have fun, and get out of the house. But with the global pandemic, many families are struggling to find those same enrichment activities this summer. The good news is, people are constantly innovating new and unique ways to engage while maintaining social distancing and the world of education is no different!

Sylvan is Here to Help

Sylvan Learning Center of Broomfield is a locally owned and operated learning center who is at the forefront of developing new, personalized ways to ensure your child can catch up, keep up, and even get ahead during this summer break! With our new live online learning, students can engage in academic lessons from the comfort of their home. And you can rest assured you’re still getting the same, high quality instruction from certified teachers or tutors with degrees in their subjects. Sylvan is also closely following the recommendations from the CDC to provide small group, in-center learning for families. From pre-K through college, Sylvan offers personalized learning opportunities for all students and meets them where they’re at. Kids love the interactive games and individual attention they receive from their tutor. And parents love the results they see – a child who is excited about learning and ready for the next school year. From reading, writing and math, to SAT/ACT Test Prep and individualized homework support and study skills, Sylvan offers a multitude of programs and payment options to fit any need and budget!