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Offered by: John Wilson, B.S., BC-HIS – Blue Ribbon Hearing & Tinnitus Center

Blue Ribbon Hearing and Tinnitus Center will be closed from June 4th to June 14th. We will reopen June 17th for business as usual. We will be returning calls periodically during that time, so please leave us a message. When we return, we will be happily providing all of our normal services including hearing testing, tinnitus evaluations and ear wax removal as well as complimentary consultations and second opinions. In the meantime, the following is a true story of an experience I had several years ago who initially thought she did not have a very serious hearing problem and constantly argued with her daughter about wearing her hearing aids.

The patient called very upset that she was hearing a terribly irritating high-pitched beep coming from her hearing aids. She explained that she tried several times replacing batteries and cleaning the devices but every time she put them in her ears, she would continue to hear the irritating intermittent beep. She was adamant she needed to get in immediately for me to fix the problem with her devices, but could not drive so she called her daughter for a ride. We made some schedule adjustments and scheduled her for an appointment a couple of hours later.

About 45 minutes before her appointment I received a call from her daughter. She apologized for her mother’s impatience and explained that she would not be bringing her in. Instead, she said, she was going to the store to buy a new battery for the smoke detector that was emitting a shrill beep, which her mother could only hear when she was wearing her hearing aids. Her mother then got on the phone and sheepishly apologized and admitted that she realized her hearing aids were helping much more than she previously thought.

Following that experience the patient apologized because she previously had been defiant with her daughter and other family members because she did not think her hearing problem was “that bad.” Afterward she began wearing her hearing aids more regularly and finally realized how much she had been missing.

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