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Offered by Dick Maul, MX Paca Pants Ranch

Worms are Super HeroesWorms are super heroes for your houseplants, garden, lawn, and trees. Why you ask? Earthworms eat organic material such as grass clippings, sticks, vegetable scraps, cardboard, manure, and pretty much anything that is not meat. Their excrement, called worm castings, is rich in microorganisms, producing a constant source of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous ready for plants to use. When mulched into the soil, the microorganisms create a balanced ecosystem at the root which will not wash away into streams. Worm castings build up the soil and hold seven times more water than regular dirt. Best of all, worm castings are 100% natural and completely free of potentially hazardous chemicals. You can let the children help spread it and it will not hurt them or your animals.

Worm castings can be used several different ways. For new sod, after the ground is prepared, spread a thin layer of castings (1g/80sf) before you lay the sod. For existing lawns, aerate the lawn, then spread a top cover of castings (1g/80sf) directly on the grass, and water normally. For existing plants, spread a layer (1/4-1 cup) of castings around the base. For new plants, mulch castings into the soil (1 part castings to 3 parts soil) before planting.

Castings are an eco-friendly, sustainable, and natural chemical-free way to help you reduce your water usage, have healthy plants, and great vegetables.

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