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Offered by Brian Holley – Farmers Insurance

As your trusted Insurance Advisor and winter just weeks away, I wanted to be sure you knew the time is now to winterize your home. To diminish potential dangers due to cold and freezing temperatures, follow these steps to ensure you avoid issues with your home:

  1. Maintain gutters – Remove leaves, sticks and other fragments from gutters so any ice can flow freely. This can inhibit ice dams from forming, which can push melting water beneath the roofing and into your attic.
  2. Trim trees and remove dead branches – Ice and wind can cause trees or branches to break and cause damage to your home or auto.
  3. Keep your house warm – Pinpoint areas of your home that are not sheltered from cold weather. During freezing weather, the temperature in your home should be at minimum 65 degrees. The air inside the walls where pipes are, is considerably colder than the walls themselves. A room temperature below 65 degrees may not keep pipes from freezing.
  4. Repair broken windows – Seal openings near windows and doors.
  5. Maintain pipes – Cover pipes with pipe insulation or heating tape and insulate uncompleted rooms such as garages that have bare pipes. Also, check for cracks and leaks. Repair them immediately to prevent inconvenient and expensive repairs.
  6. Get to know your plumbing – Learn how to shut off the water and know where your home’s pipes are located. If pipes freeze, you may be able to prevent the pipes from bursting by taking immediate action.

Quickly shut off the water and direct your plumber to the problem.We value your business and encourage you to contact our office to set up a policy review to make sure the perils that come with winter are properly covered? Give me a call at your earliest convenience if you would like to complete a policy review.

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