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Offered by: City of Brighton Streets Department

That’s right, Old Man Winter is just around the corner and this winter may be shaping up to be whiter than in recent memory?

The City of Brighton Street Department is ready this season for whatever old man winter can throw at us, dump on us or ice up. Street Department personnel have been busy preparing for the upcoming winter season and getting our snow fighting equipment ready to provide safe and efficient snow removal on City streets. The City has several pieces of equipment that are used for snow and ice control operations including, plow trucks, loaders, graders and sanders. While we use the term “sanding”, the City does not use sand or salt in its efforts to combat snow and ice, we use a product called “Ice Slicer” which is a naturally occurring product from materials mined in and around Redmond, Utah. Ice Slicer is a blend of minerals plus calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium chlorides and grit for instant traction. It is over 70% less corrosive than salt and completely dissolves leaving the roadway surface residual free. Prior to the City utilizing Ice Slicer, a mixture of salt and sand was used to treat roadways, leaving a sand residual on streets that created dusty conditions, air quality concerns and at times slippery conditions. This required frequent and costly sweeping of streets to minimize these issues. Sweeping is no longer required with the use of Ice Slicer and this product is very effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly.

In addition, our trucks are capable of applying a liquid anti/deicing-icing agent to our roadways called Meltdown Apex. This product can be sprayed on roadways prior to the onset of potential roadway snow/icing conditions or during the actual snow/icing event. The product serves to prevent and/or minimize snow and ice from forming on roadway surfaces and aids in the sustained control and removal of ice and snow accumulation on surfaces over an extended period of time.

The City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan identifies the manner and timing in which the City’s Street Department will respond to snow and ice events. The plan identifies priority streets for plowing and ice control efforts to ensure that residents are provided safe travel during adverse weather conditions.

As a reminder, the City does not plow or treat residential streets except when snow depth measured/reported by The National Weather Service (NWS) or Brighton Street Department (BSD) reaches greater than 12” from a single snow event. Under normal snow and ice conditions, the City will plow and treat streets as identified in the City’s Snow and Ice Control Plan. The City does not have a “Bare Pavement Policy” which means that plowing of roadways may not result in all snow and ice being removed from the roadway surface when we plow.

Residents are reminded that City Ordinance requires that the resident remove all snow and ice from all sidewalks adjacent to their properties within 24 hours. The Street Department and City asks that you do not place snow from your sidewalk, driveway or property in the street as this is extremely dangerous and hazardous for motorists and hampers continuing snow removal operations. We encourage you to place this snow onto your lawn as an additional source of moisture, you are having to move the snow anyways, why not use it in a beneficial way.

Should you have questions or desire additional information regarding the City’s snow removal operations, please contact the Street Department at 303-655-2088 or visit

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