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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

Yay! The HOLIDAYS are coming, right? Maybe. What I’m hearing is: “Doc, all I want for Christmas is to feel better!”

I just heard this wish from one of my new patients, I’ll call him “Jack”. The year 2015 has not been great for Jack. His low back pain started earlier this year when he injured his back shoveling snow. Self-care and self-medicating with over the counter pain relievers gave him some short term relief. Jack thought everything was better until later in the spring when he reinjured his back helping a friend move some furniture. That’s when Jack felt burning pain go down his leg and in his foot. He had to miss work for a few days. He reached for prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers followed by cortisone injections. He still did not get relief. His pain is worse now that the weather has turned real cold and Jack took another look at one of my Buzz articles and gave me a call. I am happy to say, Jack is on the way to having more mobility and less pain and a happier holiday season!

Are you ready for the Holidays? The pressure of family, friends and social obligations can be overwhelming this time of year especially if you are not feeling good. Low back pain, headaches, sinus pressure, fatigue along with numbness and tingling can put a damper on the season.

The real cause of your pain and discomfort may have happened years ago. Temporary relief might come from over the counter pain medications. Stretching may help. Ice or heat may also provide temporary relief but they don’t correct the underlying cause of the discomfort.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments, Cold Laser Therapy, Applied Kinesiology muscle balancing, custom orthotics and nutritional support, can help relieve your pain and discomfort but you are unique and you may need a different combination than someone else. I have been finding the keys to pain free living for over 30 years for thousands of hurting people like you.

Are your discomforts interfering with your holiday season?

Let me help you take the pain out of the holidays. It is human nature to try and tough it out or think that “maybe it will go away”. Don’t let your pain be the Grinch that steals your joy from this season!

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