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Have you ever heard that the administration of someone’s estate was a complete mess? Family members fighting, out-of-control expenses, and it took years to complete. Maybe you’ve even experienced this outcome firsthand. Why is this happening?

In many of these estates where there are significant problems, battles, and unnecessary expenses, the individuals actually did “estate planning” prior to their deaths. They had prepared a will, or living trust. Unfortunately there is a misconception that if you put some estate planning documents in place that there is an assurance that things will go smoothly upon your death.

This is simply not the case. Putting together simple sets of instruction may provide some guidance for your family upon your death, but those documents alone are not the answer to the smooth administration of your estate.

A process of communication among family members, preparation for your eventual death, and setting appropriate expectations among family members is critical to the outcome you expect from your estate plan. Most families are ill-equipped to teach their family what to do, how to do it, as well as how they should pay for it. If you want your family to have a reasonable chance of things going smoothly at the time of your death you should enlist the assistance of a results oriented estate planning organization that can help prepare you and your family for the inevitable.

Administering an estate is complex and the circumstances and interactions between family members are charged with emotion and grief. Families should invest the time to discuss these important issues, put effective plans in place, and set appropriate expectations among everyone involved. By doing so, your family will receive more of their inheritance after the payment of expenses, receive their inheritance sooner, and have a much better chance at maintaining good family relationships after the estate is settled.

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