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Why Local Advertising is Perfect for Small BusinessesSmall business owners have more advertising options today than ever before. Besides the traditional newsletters and coupon books, there are print directories, billboards, and everyday signage. On top of that, you have a whole array of online options, including paid search ads and social media. What’s more, these options (and their effectiveness) are changing all the time.

One thing that hardly ever changes, though, is the effectiveness of local advertising. When you look for buyers in your own geographic area, good things tend to happen.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons why:

Local Advertising is More Efficient
The wider you cast your advertising net, the more of your budget you’re going to be forced to waste. That’s not an opinion, it’s just math – unless you have a truly national business, you’re eventually going to run into a point where you’re marketing to customers who aren’t likely to buy from you because you’re too far away.

And, even if you are able to serve customers over a wide area, it only makes sense to differentiate your ad strategies from one region to the next. No matter how you look at it, local advertising is an efficient option.

There are Shorter Lead Times
While large publications that serve big regions tend to have editorial calendars that are put into place weeks or months ahead of time, local advertising providers (like the Brighton Buzz) can be more flexible. That’s good for you as a small business owner, because it means you can test and adjust your ads with much shorter lead times.

If you decide to announce a new sale, show off a new product, or even change your ad strategy altogether, you’ll be glad you’re working with a local publication that can adapt things for you quickly.

It Won’t Break Your Marketing Budget
We’ve saved the best for last: because local publications like ours have lower fixed costs than bigger media outlets do, we can charge a lot less for advertising than they do. When you factor in the notion that our advertising is much more targeted (because it’s aimed at a specific geographic area), it’s easy to see why you get a much bigger bang for your buck in the local market.

It doesn’t take many advertising missteps to hurt a small business, and local advertising represents a low-risk opportunity to meet new customers. What could be better than that?

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