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Offered by SolarCity

As we transition from fossil fuels to solar, many people do not want to pay a large upfront investment into solar. Typically, if you purchase a solar system upfront with cash, you will not see your return on investment for 6-12 years! With that being said, most homeowners do not stay in their home for 6-12 years so why would a typical homeowner put solar on their house? Typically they don’t, because of the large upfront investment.

Things have changed; Solar has changed; now there is no upfront investment! Because of SolarCity’s financing and their investment from Google, Homeowners do not have to invest not even a penny into their solar system. Instead, they can pay off their solar system with their monthly electric bill that they are already paying! Genius!

The way it works is instead of paying United Power or Xcel Energy for electricity, the homeowner would pay SolarCity for their electric bill. All they would have to pay to the Utility Company is the service charge to be connected to the meter.

For more information on how you can make the switch to solar, contact your local SolarCity Field Energy Consultant, Eric Kleffner to schedule your free consultation. Click here to view SolarCity on The Brighton Buzz Business Directory