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A healthy option, not just for the rich and famous…

Offered by: Mike Mullen – MM Cookery LLC

Each person has different struggles they face. Some find they don’t have enough time in the day. Others wish they had more quality time with family. And more and more people want to have a healthier lifestyle.

Not everyone realizes that a lot of the problems they face in these categories could actually be resolved by hiring a personal chef. The problem is that so many times when we think of a personal chef, we think only the rich and famous could afford such a treat.

But what if your evening was freed up when you got home from work? What if you could reduce the amount of time spent preparing a meal and spend more time enjoying the meal with your family? What if you didn’t throw away half your groceries because you never used them?

How about trying to eat healthier? We all have excuses as to why we cannot do this. But what if you could?

Take away the meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping and clean up from the equation and picture the meals prepared and ready for you. All you do is pull what you want out of the refrigerator and heat up.

People who use these services describe it as exciting and exhilarating to open their fridge and see it full of ready to eat, healthy meals.

There is no need to try and tackle this alone. As a personal chef, I like to consider my clients likes, dislikes, dietary restrictions and goals. Whether you are vegan, gluten free, enjoy multicultural cuisine or just want down home goodness, I can work with you.

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