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Offered by Sarah Korb – SOFX

Are you looking for an exercise environment that will meet you at your level in exercise & ability and then coach you, teach you, and get you the physical results that you want? At SOFX we offer programming that is used worldwide, is measured, and is intentional so that you get the results you desire! We are trained professionals that will build your strength, stamina and mental fortitude by taking your training to another level. We will meet you at the exact level you are at, then give you the exercises you need to become the best version of yourself!

We offer classes in strength training, metabolic conditioning, yoga, and kickboxing. SOFX runs 70+ community-based classes: strength training, metabolic conditioning, kickboxing, Yin yoga, Vinyasa Flow yoga and Yoga Chisel. Students of all ages and physical abilities receive personal coaching that teaches and motivates healthy lifestyles and choices. Our community-based approach also incorporates social interactions and camaraderie, making the gym a fun and rewarding destination.

SOFX is affiliated with the internationally recognized Training for Warriors (TFW) program, which prescribes strength training, metabolic conditioning, nutrition and rest. Students from all over the world and various fitness levels use TFW programming to “Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Good.” We have regular TFW classes which are faster paced, intense and challenge participants. We also have the 8 Week Warrior Challenge program, which is an introductory class to any person who wants to start exercising for the first time or who has not exercised in a while and wants to get back into it. Everyone in the 8 Week Warrior Challenge is beginner level and will progress together through the program. At the end of the 8 weeks, all Challengers will be ready to enter the regular TFW classes. Training For Warriors has over 300 affiliates in 20 countries and SOFX will be opening the fourth affiliate studio here in Colorado.

The yoga programming at SOFX emphasizes connection of mind-body, utilizing the physical practice and postures to tap into mental focus and fortitude. Classes includes hot vinyasa flows, restorative yoga, yoga sculpt, and specialty workshops. Beginning students receive foundational instruction and experienced students are challenged with intensive, athletic flows.

Child care is provided in-facility at SOFX. Specialty programming for children ages 1 year to 10 years gives them the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, fun environment. The child center is staffed in the mornings and evenings around class times.

Memberships are customized with consideration given to students’ preference for Training for Warriors, yoga, or both. SOFX offers special discounts to teachers, SD27J employees and all students.

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Moms, your health is good hands at SOFX! SOFX Kid Station will take care of the kids, while we take care of YOU! Join our 6 week Strong Mom Summer Challenge and receive:
• Unlimited Strength & Conditioning classes
• Unlimited Yoga Classes
• Unlimited Kickboxing Classes
• Up to 2 hrs Childcenter use daily
• Nutrition coaching
• Access to Warrior Tracker
• Accountability Coach
• Over 70 classes each week!
• Se habla español!

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