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The past two months I’ve been addressing the growth rate here in Brighton and some of the effects related to the rapid growth. It’s general knowledge that at least some of Brighton’s growth is directly related to the influx of energy industry growth in Adams and Weld counties, and after last months article, that our growing population is getting younger. But what does that look like in terms of employment?

Not surprisingly, construction and oil/gas sectors account for a large percentage of the overall greater Brighton area job generation, but the job mix, specifically in Brighton, is in reality driven more by public sector jobs (including education) and retail trade. Breaking it down within just the private industry sectors, more than two thirds of Brighton’s local economy hinges on employment in retail, oil/gas extraction, health care, accommodation/food services, construction, and manufacturing. According to ESRI and a recent report by Leland Consulting Group.

In terms of occupational classification comparisons between Brighton and the general metro area, there is a much higher concentration of blue collar workers in Brighton than the overall metro area. But, when you only consider Brighton, the number of white collar workers (54%) is nearly double blue collar workers (30%). Source: ESRI (based on US Census/BLS data)

Numbers clearly show that despite our history of agriculture and the assumption that Brighton is a predominantly blue collar town, the face of our community is evolving increasingly into a community of white collar workers, looking for a place to raise their young families.

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