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“Death, what seems so final, is merely a transition.” ~ Unknown.

In the early morning hours of Friday, August, 19, 2016, I was in a race against time and airborne on a last-minute flight from Denver to Phoenix, on my way to see my 82-year old grandma, who had suddenly turned a health corner and was quickly declining.

My flight was scheduled to land at 9:05, which it did. I received the usual phone call from my mother upon my arrival, but this one was different: “Grandma is gone,” my mom said. “She passed away at 8:35 a.m.”

Silence permeated my ears as tear after tear rapidly began to hit the floor, and I found the closest wall I could lean on.

“But I just landed” were the first words to stumble out of my mouth, hoping somehow they may help me retroactively catch her in time.

I spent the next hour trying to navigate myself through a group of strangers, all while trying to keep it together. I couldn’t. The tears just kept falling.

I entered the insurance industry in 2002 but the hardest claims I have ever had to setup took place this past Monday when I notified two life insurance carriers of my grandmother’s passing. Surreal is an accurate description of how I felt in doing so. In every other claim in which I was involved, it wasn’t MY loved one. It wasn’t MY family. It wasn’t MY Grandma; but this time, it was.

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