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Offered by Willy Strohmeier – Colorado Karate Club

“When I get old, I want to be like Grandma,” said one of my daughters as we sat chatting around the dinner table. My daughters were (and still are) amazed at my mother’s vitality and active lifestyle. You see, she had her 70th birthday just a few months ago, she is a second degree Karate Black Belt who trains consistently, plays tennis every week and as you could also guess, she is always cheerful and upbeat. Yup, that is her in our advertising page this month.

As I listened to my daughter, I thought about so many other people who instead, lose their vitality way too early in life. They are more likely to yell at the kids to stop making noise so that they can hear the TV, than to go play ball with them. I understand that, like myself, many parents, sacrifice a great deal for our children’s well being. Sleepless nights, long hours at work, stressful situations, you name it. And in the hustle of it all, we forget to take care of ourselves.

I never have any “me” time, some folks tell me. Our eating habits deteriorate to munching on whatever we can grab from the fast food joint, and our exercise routine boils down to – as Zig Ziglar put it – “Fill up the tub, take a bath, pull the plug, and fight the current,” not a good thing.

While it is wonderful to provide well for our families, we must realize that staying healthy will mean more time, and more meaningful time with our family and friends for years to come. YES, you must tell yourself that it is OK to schedule some “me” time. Take care of yourself; both, for your own good, and that your family and friends to fully enjoy your company.

But there’s more, it is widely believed that vigorous exercise produces the release of endorphins which boost your mood and lower your stress level; making you will feel more positive, and energetic. So not only will you be around longer and in better shape, but people will actually like being around you more!

So take care of yourself, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, start today. You can do it either on your own, or with the help of a coach or instructor. There is plenty of information on the web about proper nutrition and exercise. Even better, you have resources here in town, such as our amazing Karate program, that can help you get into the exercise habit, while having a great time.
As for myself… you better bet, I want to be like Grandma too.

Wishing you well, Willy Strohmeier – Sensei

Colorado Karate Club

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