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I’m writing at 4:00 am, from the 2018 SHOT Show in Vegas, and just like a kid, I’m too excited to sleep. Ok, it’s easy to be excited about holding all the new guns coming to market soon, right? But there are three new products I can’t stop thinking about and one is truly innovative.

If successful, a couple of guys will set the traditional sight alignment, as we know it, on its ear. I can hardly wait to replace the sights on my training pistols and let you try them in class.

I’m willing to bet you’ll be saying “I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this sooner!”

You’ll see me using another new product this year, by Otis, that’ll save a ton of time cleaning my firearms. And I can clean them, quick & easy, while hot at the range before packing them up.

Finally, there’s an ammo manufacturer I stumbled across. The material they use for their shell casings make for a lighter carry and their design creates a cleaner burning round. Another bonus for reloaders is zero expansion. Like most new products, the price will need to come down before widespread acceptance but I’ll be shooting it this year at the range and in class.

I’m looking forward to sharing all the new stuff I learned with you in class and at the range. See you soon!

Simmons Shooting Academy

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Simmons Shooting Academy