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The traditional approach to estate planning in America is a challenging system, at best. The chance of a successful planning experience is remote if you define “success” as “meeting people’s expectations”.

Many in our society consider the subject of death and dying taboo, and as a result professionals have created a reactive system that has the capability of producing as many problems as it solves. The process usually starts with professional advisors accommodating the individual’s desire to make the process as short as possible (think: trip to the dentist!). This sounds good. As long as the experience is short and relatively painless, most “planning” experiences are treated as “successful.” However, this is an extreme disservice to the client and the beneficiaries because the beneficiaries often suffer from the consequences of this type of planning.

Professionals rely on sterile form documents with little effort to educate individuals about their options. This includes financial advisors who recommend action based on document acquisition, as well as attorneys who perpetuate the myth that the documents accomplish everything. In reality, people accomplish the tasks associated with estate planning, and people receive the benefit or bear the brunt of the results produced through the planning process.

Customizing the plan to the people involved and preparing those individuals to effectively implement the plan are critical steps to producing a smooth transition upon disability and death. These steps are regularly disregarded in most estate plans because they take more time and effort.

There is a better process available for those who take the time to seek it out. If you would like to learn more about an alternative estate planning process that is producing results for families, please visit us

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