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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineLuck is hard work paying off. We’ve all heard this comment on many occasions. People who have achieved success don’t question the viability of that statement. Those that don’t have a clear view of what they want to accomplish, and take a stab at finding something positive for their lives daily, may not wholeheartedly believe they can make their own luck. Is luck something we have no control over?

Putting together this issue has been very interesting for me. I’m always impressed by the resilience of our advertisers to come up with ideas that bring great offerings to our readers while working to advance their businesses. I’ve also been inspired by some of the articles that were written this month in response to our most recent national tragedy in Florida and the loss of many young lives. We can hope this is a time for change and possibility that affects every generation, most particularly our youth. The emotion I see very often from those I’m in contact with is hope. There’s hope for a better tomorrow and an advanced existence for ourselves. Luck can be achieved with hope and lots of positive action. I’m fortunate to have a good number of examples to witness with regard to the hard work = luck concept from many of our advertisers who have built successful businesses using that philosophy. We look forward to your knowing them better by using their products and services and getting to know them as I do.

Often I hear that people like to read our magazine from cover to cover. We encourage you to read through this issue and see what’s happening in Brighton and the surrounding areas. There is much in the way of valuable offers and information that can enhance your lives. I feel like myself and staff are the lucky ones to have the experience of putting this magazine together for you!

May Luck Be With You This March!