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Earlier this week I was watching a conference on brain balancing. The speaker was talking about how different behaviors affect different parts of the brain then said how different parts of the brain can create different behaviors. He then went on to talk about the top 5 behaviors that drive HAPPINESS. I was curious about this and got my pen out to take notes. He shared them in reverse order:

  • 5. Exercise – happy people tend to be more active
  • 4. Volunteering – happy people do service or kind deeds for others
  • 3. Spirituality – whatever your belief, it helps people feel that they are not alone
  • 2. Social Interaction – giving AND receiving input from family and friends creates happiness
  • 1. Sleep – people that feel refreshed and rejuvenated after sleeping tend to be happier

  • I wish he would have shared the reference for this research poll he mentioned and forgive me for not getting the source for this conference, but I found it very interesting that SLEEP was the #1 driver for happiness. I know my day goes much better when I’ve had a refreshing night’s sleep. I had a patient this week come in and tell me that she had the best night’s sleep that she’s had in a long time since starting care here.  The funny thing is that she came in because of headaches related to her tight neck. The body is an amazing thing when you remove the interference to the nervous system and allow it to heal and function as it was designed. This makes me happy. Let’s see what miracles can happen by getting your spine properly aligned! 303-993-6092.