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Offered by: Willy Strohmeier – Colorado Karate Club

It is a week before rank testing and seven year old Cayden just learned that he is eligible to test for his green belt. After class he runs to his mom and exclaims: “Mom, I’m testing for my green belt, all my hard work has paid off!”

As his mom related this to me, I was secretly filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment, because I knew how diligent he had been in his training, inside and outside of class. From that simple, single phrase, it became evident that he had learned a lot more than his Karate moves. He had learned how to set goals and the value of discipline, hard work, and commitment.

While each student is different, I am happy to see and hear similar stories from just about every one of our students. No matter where someone may be today in their formation; for me, as an instructor, I am greatly encouraged every time a student comes through our doors, because I know that qualities such as confidence, discipline, hard work, focus, respect, etc. are skills that can be taught and learned at any age.

Now, every so often, I find a student who is naturally inclined toward these positive traits, but that’s quite seldom. For most of us, we have to consciously work at developing and maintaining good habits. So it is important to have a coach, a teacher, or a mentor who can help you get going and stay the course. That’s what we do at Colorado Karate Club, we strive to instill these habits into every one of our members, and once acquired, to fully develop the person’s potential as a martial artist, and most importantly, as a happy and successful individual.

As for Cayden, he had a great test, and along a few of his classmates earned his green belt this past December. Which means that he is now working on new goals with new challenges. And I look forward to watching him and his classmates continue to grow in every way. In our students’ achievements we see clearly that happiness is not pleasure, happiness is Victory!

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