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Offered by: Susan Kline – The Brighton Buzz

Susan Kline

As the final days of December are making their way into the history books, we’re looking back on 2021 as a transformational year. We’ve moved beyond the time of not having solutions to many overwhelming problems to
adjusting to how we can live with the solutions that have been created this year.

It’s amazing the backdrop of everything we do is orchestrated by a pandemic that changes its definition almost daily. Mutations of the disease have notable qualities that almost always become the director of our everyday activities.

Many positive things have happened in 2021 and we’ve begun to make the effort to bring a more likable normalcy back to our lives. Proceed With Caution might be a good catch phrase to use while expressing the enthusiasm we all have for opening up our lives.

We, at the Brighton Buzz, are thankful for the year we’ve had and the collective progress our business community has experienced. We look forward to 2022 and know our knowledge learned from this year will help us to reap more benefits in the coming year.

We’re Wishing Everyone, a Very Happy New Year!