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Offered by David Nak, Brighton Family Counseling

There is an idea that Marriage and Family Counseling must involve couples or families. Sometimes it does. But we like to remember that these pairs and groups are made up of individual people. There is a truth to you that is beyond your spouse or your children. It is a truth that you were born with. When this truth isn’t given a wholesome voice, it can generate friction in many areas of life – not just marriage and family. This can become especially confusing and frustrating if we do not recognize it. When counseling is expanded in this way, many new doors can open that were previously hidden. Issues that appeared to be immovable or unsolvable can melt away in the light of a heartfelt truth.

If we believe we’ve got to convince our partner to come, this may stop many people in their tracks. When there is disagreement or uncertainty, counseling may never have a chance to happen. Much time can be lost in this limbo of trying to decide or persuade. At Brighton Family Counseling, Geoff and I like to remember that individual clarity and healing spills over into all other parts of life, including the relationships that are so important to us. The work we do on ourselves, for ourselves, has the power to change all areas of our lives. Remembering this simple idea might allow you to take a step towards your own feeling of what is healthy and good. We invite you to open doors.

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