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Offered by Advanced Urgent Care

It can be frightening when a sudden illness or injury occurs, especially if your regular doctor is not available. When you need care right away the emergency room may seem like a natural choice. However, if it is not a true emergency you might save money and time by going to an Urgent Care Clinic. Plus, you can still be treated by a doctor or physician assistant. True emergencies need emergency room care, but with non-emergencies you have choices.

Nearly 33% of ER cases are not true emergencies. If more people saved the ER for true emergencies the emergency room staff could focus on the individuals who truly need their attention. Urgent Care clinics can treat conditions that should be looked at right away but aren’t as severe as emergencies. Advanced Urgent care, located at 2801 Purcell Street in Brighton, is staffed with physicians, physician assistants, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, radiology technologists and medical assistants. With this qualified staff you’ll still get the same quality care, plus, Advanced Urgent care is open every day from 10am-10pm, including weekends.

Urgent Care can often save patients money and time, which in this day and age is invaluable. The average ER visit can cost a patient a substantial sum depending on your health insurance plan. As a result urgent care clinics have gained the support of most major insurance companies. Private insurances have backed Urgent Care facilities by offering lower copays for an urgent care visit, only about $30-$60 on average. According to the Centers for disease Control and Prevention, the average wait time before you can even get seen by an ER doctor is 1 hour. Wait times can be much shorter at an Urgent Care clinic. Sometimes the emergency room will be the right answer, sometimes it won’t. But knowing the difference can save you time and money without sacrificing your quality of care.

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Advanced Urgent Care