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Offered by: Beth Swift – Bethy Crocker

Time! It’s one of our biggest commodities. You can’t trade it on the stock market, but you can trade it with me, Bethy Crocker. I will do your menu planning, grocery shopping and food prep for you, ultimately giving you back time in your daily/weekly schedule. Let’s face it, summer is here, and you would rather be anywhere than in your kitchen!

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home after a long day or after your kids sporting events to a refrigerator filled with predictable meals? Single moms and dads? I got you covered. Wouldn’t you rather spend more time with the kids than making food, eating take out or fast food or going out to restaurant?

And then there is the waste factor. We as Americans waste approximately 20% of our grocery budget on wasted food items. And that does not even take into count the millions used to grow, transport and package those food items. When I do the grocery shopping and cooking there is no waste. And no extra items in the grocery cart either.

We all do it, go to the grocery store, see some nice bright vegetables, seafood or meat that looks good and say to ourselves ‘I can do something with that’ only to end up not using it. Especially the vegetables!

Or you saw this recipe the other day, so you bought the ingredients but never got to it! Trust me I know and that is why my service is unique.

I have a few clients where I came up with recipes using what they already had in their freezer and pantry to start. Bottom line, I save you time and money that might be wasted on foods not used.

Call Bethy Crocker today at 512-934-2985 to begin saving time and eating more delicious foods right away!