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Recycling is a big part of what we do in America. It’s a way of life. Recycling contributes to a better society. Most of the reasons we recycle are justified by the positive results that can be seen immediately, like when we pick up a plastic bottle or can off the ground and toss it in a recycle bin.

Recycle#1 Recycling Reduces Landfill Space
The general public didn’t put much thought into where trash went in the 60’s. Landfills are a relatively new idea in the 20th Century and up until 1976 when Congress passed the Resource Conservation Recovery Act trash was simply tossed in a big hole. We called these places dumps, and they were typically located within the city limits. As a nation, we are generating more and more trash that by some accounts are in the neighborhood of 3 to 4 pounds a day, per person. Recycling has the potential to reduce these numbers.

#2 Recycling Reduces GHG Emissions
We’ve eliminated dumps, holes in the ground and our Grandparents backyard trash heaps with sophisticated and high tech Landfills; but these landfills are expensive to operate, and in order to be sustainable, they must turn a profit and be established in areas where they can expand. Unfortunately, remote areas are far from these trash generating sources. Some locations have to truck hundreds of miles, while other areas in the Eastern U.S. are transporting their garbage to other states. This causes a larger carbon footprint to the equation that doesn’t seem to off set the tons of methane gas (a major GHG) that those old dump sites were emitting, and what landfills where supposed to eliminate.

#3 Recycling Reduces Pollution
In theory, the belief was that recycling would help reduce pollution. Our trash would now become worth something, and we would think twice before littering. The roadsides, parks, oceans and mountain trails would be free from paper, glass and plastic bottles. If we are conscientious in our efforts, trash generation can be replaced with recyclables, and thus the concept zero waste will be realized, but until the manufacturing process embraces this idealism that everything can be recycled, or reused, recycling will never eliminate pollution. We also, as consumers, can start by reducing our demand for “stuff ”.

#4 Recycling Reduces the Demand on Natural Resource
Recycling reduces the need to extract virgin natural resources that are needed to produce goods. Trees are needed, for example, to manufacture paper goods. Petroleum is required to manufacture plastic. By utilizing recycled materials in the manufacturing process, the need for natural resources are reduced. Buying recycled goods is a good way to help reduce waste products. This can be as easy as shopping at thrift stores and purchasing gently worn clothes, or asking a tree pruning company for their wood chip waste and use it as mulch. We call this a Circular Economy.

#5 Recycling Reduces Groundwater Contamination
Recycling is causing an environmental benefit that few realize. Through the awareness of how our garbage impacts our planet, and learning to be more responsible about how we discard our “stuff ”, groundwater is being better protected. Chemicals such as Beryllium, Arsenic and Phthalates (suspected carcinogens) are being eliminated in the production of some goods.

iGo Realty recently had a recycling event along with other North Forest businesses. We recycled 8,100 pounds our local communities participation. For every 2,000 pounds 17 trees are saved.

Stop by iGo Realty at 104th & Potomac and pick up a FREE tote bag you can use for your next shopping trip. If we all do our part when it comes to recycling then we can all make a difference.

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