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Offered by Thollot Diamonds

Thollot JewelryIt’s time and you know it. You have to find a jeweler who can restore or repair the heirloom jewelry your Grandma gave you or the engagement ring with your specific diamond that was painstakingly selected so many years ago… Should you bring it to a large well-known corporate jeweler or a small local jeweler? Do Google and Yelp reviews tell you enough to know the true skillset of the jeweler working in the shop?

How can you be sure the work is done correctly? How can you know the diamond you leave will be the same diamond you get back? Can you use the same method you use to choose other repair services? If you were to interview a jeweler, would you even know what to ask?

Here are the 5 best questions you should ask and the answers you should consider before you walk away from your precious jewelry:

  1. Will my jewelry be sent out to a different location?
  2. Will the same jeweler who does the diamond setting also do the sizing, polishing, or finish work?
  3. Will the jeweler take necessary measure to give you the ability to confirm that the diamond you drop off will be the same diamond you pick-up?
  4. Can I really determine the skills of a jeweler before I leave my jewelry?
  5. (This question is one you should ask yourself) Can Yelp and Google reviews tell the whole story on quality of workmanship?

Please follow this link for a coupon and explanation of these answers and why these questions are important.

Thollot Diamonds takes great pride in handling your jewelry repair work with the greatest care possible. Stop by to experience our expert service for yourself!

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