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Offered by Matt Romero

Goliath TechTired of digging post holes with those expensive augers, or using those back breaking post hole diggers? Tired of mixing cement and waiting for it to cure before building? GoliathTech Screw Piles will eliminate all that for you. Rapid installation, less intrusive, precision engineering, economical, anywhere and anytime.

With superior anchoring to resist shifting, steel construction for long life, Goliath Connect goes deep (7’) and double protection against weather (filled with polyurethane and built from 60 ksi Galvanized steel). They are removable and reusable. They are perfect for decks, home additions, (even mobile home support) fencing, ground mount for solar panels, sheds, building foundations, street lights, street signs, etc. With shaft sizes ranging from 1 7/8” to 3 ½” and helix ranging from 8” to 13” we are sure to have one for every need.

We use mini excavators equipped with our proprietary calibrated torque-reading equipment, which allows us to determine the exact tension and compression values on each site. Our expertise ensures that the screw piles and the supported structure are built to last. Bottom line, screw piles are more durable and faster to install than concrete foundations and tube forms when it comes to structures.

Contact us today for a no-obligation professional assessment of your project.

We’ll tell you why a GoliathTech screw pile solution is the right choice for your building project.

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MCR Helical Piles