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Offered by: Kelly Fausey, CPNP- Brighton Pediatrics, PC

With heading back to school and fall activities fast approaching your family might be spending more time in the community. In the time of COVID and the state mandate of wearing masks to help slow the spread of COVID 19 in the community, some families are finding it difficult keeping masks on their children.

There is a recommendation from the Centers of Disease Control and Health Department of Colorado that everyone should wear a mask in public. The exceptions are kids under 2, anyone unable to remove their mask independently, anyone having trouble breathing, and people with cognitive disabilities. (

Wearing a mask for children can be a challenge for families and kids themselves. Here are some easy steps to approach wearing a face mask for kids. First, be a role model and wear your mask in public, showing your children that wearing a mask in public is a good thing to do. Allow time for your child to get used to wearing his/her own mask by setting time aside at home and have your child practice wearing the mask at home for short periods of time. As your child becomes more comfortable wearing his or her own mask, gradually increase the time periods of wearing their mask at home. Have your child help pick out their own mask and decorate their face mask to make it fun for them. For school age children, talk to them about the reasons why it is important to wear a mask to prevent the spread of COVID 19 in the community and for their family to stay healthy ( For further questions or guidance on helping your kids wear mask contact your pediatrician.

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