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Offered by: Abby Hughes, M.D.- Brighton Pediatrics, PC

Early summer is the perfect time to hike as a family! Hiking with children can involve some flexibility and patience. However, if you keep in mind that “the journey is the destination,” it can be fun for kids to explore and learn about nature along the way. The basics of hiking are always important: bring fluids and snacks, dress in layers, bring gear such as a first aid kit, use sun protection, apply insect repellant, and make sure to have a way to navigate such as the GPS on your phone.

Hiking tips by age group:

  • Infants: swaddle in front until about 6 months of age before switching to a backpack-style carrier. Cover your baby with sunscreen and a broad brimmed hat to protect from the sun. Pack formula (if formula feeding), diapers, foldable changing mat, and waste bags in case there are no trash cans on the hike.
  • Toddlers: look for safe places on the hike for them to explore and try not to venture too far from the trailhead in case they want to be carried back to the car! Toddlers can ride in a carrier until they are about 40 pounds. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle along with snacks (toddlers can wear these items in a small backpack).
  • Children: include your child in planning for the hike, selecting a trail, packing supplies (don’t forget water!), reading a map. Give children a safety whistle to blow in case they are lost. Instruct them to always try to stay in sight of a parent.

We at Brighton Pediatrics hope that you and your family have fun this summer hiking! Feel free to contact our office with any questions (303) 659-4248.

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