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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineWhen you really think about it, is there a month there are more things to celebrate than in May? Maybe the fact that Spring is firmly on its way and we’re all excited about the warm weather, plants and trees blossoming that has us in a celebratory mode every day. Other things that come to mind for May’s “raising the flag” events are Mother’s Day, graduations, children getting out of school and the real estate market building up to its most fevered pitch. Let’s also not forget that many of those outside projects are looking more and more like they need to be done. Activity there only can mean an expanded space to hold our many celebrations! Personally, I feel like there’s so little time, and a whole lot to celebrate!!!

Mother’s Day is such a special day. For those of us whose mothers are no longer with us, memories abound and a feeling of warmth is part of that occasion. Being honored as a mother helps us to count our blessings and know the true meaning of family. Try to make Mother’s Day a day to remember this year. There are a number of advertisers who have given us ways to show our appreciation in the magazine this issue. Please take a look at those ads and see there’s something that will help you remember those that are most loved in your life.

Graduations are events that bring much joy and also change/growth. As children go off to college, they’re taking on new challenges, experiences, and opportunities to learn about who they really are. Parents also have an opportunity to turn the page to a new chapter and learn about parenting in a different way while seeking avenues to grow themselves. Life is all about change and what a gift that is! Adapting to it and learning each day makes us better and stronger. This is certainly something to celebrate!

What to do with the children during their few months off for summer can be resolved by reading some of the many programs available for kids this summer in The Brighton Buzz. It’s always fun to see what’s available and how you/they might spend your time in the most fun way. Our recommendation would be to not miss Summerfest!!! Our cover for May is a reminder that you’ll want to circle June 3rd on your calendar and plan to be at this magnificent event. Please turn to page 66 in our magazine for the details.

All the best this May,