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Offered by: Joseph M Smith, MD

Weight gain in children has been a concern during the current pandemic. Many have experienced the “Quarantine 15” with an increase of 15 or more pounds often noted over a short amount of time. Contributing factors include remote learning, stress eating, and loss of opportunity to be physically active as regular athletic activities have been put on hold and gyms have been restricted.

An unwanted and unneeded increase in weight can lead to pre-diabetes, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and fatty liver. Also, too much weight can make it harder to weather a COVID-19 infection.

Maintaining a healthy weight is possible, even during a pandemic! Start by creating a daily routine. Program time into your routine where you can be physically active every day. Get outdoors and walk or hike. Plan your meals in advance and stick to your meal plan. Avoid snacking throughout the day. Protein containing foods can give you energy while avoiding the swings in blood sugar that other foods can cause. And a healthy sleeping pattern can lead to healthier habits during the day.

If you or your child are concerned about their weight, call us at 303-655-1685 and schedule an appointment. We can discuss strategies for diet, lifestyle, and exercise that can help your child get back on track!