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Offered by: Scott & Lora Nordby – Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

THINK AGAIN! While most real estate experts agree that the spring sales season is the hottest time to list your home, there is another peak right after school starts, which means you haven’t missed out! If you think now is the time to list your house on the market, read on for tips to get moving.


This is the first step, and arguably the most important. Your REALTOR will answer questions, talk about timing, and go through the steps to help you set a list price for your home that is both appropriate and comfortable for your family. Additionally, your REALTOR can guide you through the process so your house is fully prepped for sale.

The Purge

Every expert will advise you to declutter for the open house and showings to potential buyers. Take this opportunity to go through your household to determine what you need to keep, toss, and donate. No one enjoys moving things they eventually get rid of. Organizing yourself now will help you market your home, get you closer to listing, AND moving only what you intend to keep.

Know Where You’re Going

By the time you call a REALTOR to help you list your home, you have likely already established your goal- upgrade, downsize, or relocate. If you haven’t nailed down the details of your goal (budget, location, size, amenities), take the time to do it now. Once you list, things may move pretty quickly. You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities.

Patience Pays Off

Your REALTOR can establish a timeline with you so you know what to expect. Even the fastest home sales involve a number of steps to take in order to get to the closing table. Be patient and keep communicating so you can set your expectations at a reasonable level and avoid any undue stress for you and your family.

Being ready for the autumn peak in home sales only requires that first call to get started. If you need a real estate professional in your corner, call us today at 303-638-6229. We’re happy to get any questions you have answered so you can get moving this autumn!