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The next time you are asked “paper or plastic” at the grocery store, answer with “neither”. It may take some time to remember to take your reusable bags to the store, but this is something we can all do. Most important of all, we can teach our children and grandchildren by example. Hopefully, by the time they are adults, taking their own reusable bags to the store will be second nature.

Take plastic bags for example: Plastic bags are made of polyethylene, which is a petroleum product. Production of this contributes to air pollution and energy consumption. It takes a 1,000 years for polyethylene bags to break down. Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photo degrade, breaking down into smaller toxic bits that can contaminate soil and waterways.

The option of paper is not much better and here’s why: Paper production requires even more energy than plastic bags. The US cuts down more than 10 million trees annually to solely support the demand of paper bags. Paper bags weigh 10 times more than plastic bags, which means more fuel is required to ship them to stores. Only 20% of bags are recycled, leaving the rest to find their way to our ever growing landfills.

Here in Colorado, a number of communities have banned plastic bags and placed a fee on paper bags. As you can see both plastic and paper bags are bad choices. Switching to reusable bags made from renewable materials conserves resources. Each reusable grocery bag can eliminate hundreds, if not thousands, of paper and plastic bags.

Reusable bags are convenient and come in a variety of sizes. When not in use they can be rolled or folded to easily store in a purse or trunk. Don’t have a reusable bag or need another one stop by iGo Realty at 13611 E 104th Ave #700 and we will give you a FREE reusable grocery tote (one per family). Let’s do our part and make a difference for our community and environment.

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