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“What is the First Rule?” I ask my Karate students before I begin explaining a drill. They reply in unison: “When Sensei is speaking, we listen.”

Super Power

I smile then follow it up: “Right, and what is the Second Rule?”

They again reply: “When Sensei tells me something, the reply is: “Oss Sensei” (“Oss Sensei” is the equivalent to “Yes Sir”.)

“So, Johnny” – I continue – “if I ask you to kick higher, would you say: but Sensei, I can’t, or, I’m already kicking high, or, but I’m too tired?”

Johnny replies quickly: “No Sensei, I will say, Oss Sensei, then I’ll try to kick higher”.

“Thank you Johnny, now let’s get started.”

With that, everyone jumps up, and begins executing the drill to the best of their abilities… No excuses allowed, no excuses needed.

Even at an early age, our students come to realize that excuses will never help them improve. Once they are not allowed to make excuses anymore, they become accountable and in charge of their own success.

I like to look at creating this habit in our students as bestowing on them a great SUPER POWER! The “No Excuses” super power.

Have you ever seen someone who is always able to do just about anything they set their mind to? Have you met someone who is never afraid of doing something because of fear of failure or ridicule? Have you even maybe heard of someone who has that Midas Touch that everything they touch succeeds?

Yeah, they are few, they are the ones who possess the “no excuses” superpower. But they were not born with it, they worked at it, being accountable to themselves, every day, for their own failure or success. And, believe it or not, you can be like them too… Little by little, day by day.

Discard the kryptonite of excuses, and become the Super Hero you were meant to be. No Excuses!

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