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The changing face of today’s homebuyer

Millennials — those born between 1981 and 1996 — get pigeonholed and lumped into a lot of generalizations, including the notion that they are the “rental generation.” As it turns out, that one is definitely fiction. According to, millennials now make up the largest group of new home loan originations by both dollar value (42%) and volume (45%), larger than both GenX and baby boomers. If you are planning to sell your home, it’s important to understand what this group of buyers is looking for so you can tailor your home to showcase how it addresses their needs and requirements for quality of life.

Live-work Versatility: According to the most current US Census data, more than 13 million Americans work from home, and all signs point to that trend not only continuing but increasing. So, if not a dedicated home office, at least staging a room or nook in your home that functions as a workspace is advisable.

Game room/Gathering Space: Though it may seem contradictory in the age of social media and connecting digitally more so than physically, millennials are very much about being social and gathering. So, highlighting a large game or TV room conducive to groups gathering together will most likely score a lot of points.

Outdoor Living Space: Much the same as the interior game room, a backyard that feels like a continuation of the living space and allows for some personalization, without a lot of time required for maintenance, should go a long way towards appealing to millennial home buyers.

Smart Tech & Garage Outlets: There is no denying the fact that millennials are drawn to technology. Adding a smart tech thermostat, smart appliances, and smart doorbell/security system to your home that can be controlled from an app will be a major bonus. Additionally, making sure your garage has outlets suitable for an electric car or two should increase the appeal.

While these features are a must for appealing to millennials, it’s worth noting that they also have appeal across all buyer demographics in varying degrees.

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