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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineThe rhetoric in today’s news very often has a negative or hostile twist to it. I am more than happy… Should I say thankful, to report this “good news true story” that happened to me recently. Early in April I was walking my dog mid-afternoon and enjoying the mild weather. This time has always been a favorite part of my day.

Unexpectedly, I fell to the ground and found that I couldn’t get up. It all seemed so odd as it wasn’t a hard fall, but my efforts to get up weren’t making any difference. A man who lived in the area I was walking offered his hand to help me. Still no luck in standing. Then I could hear a woman who said I could put my head in her hand and asked me my name. I was able to tell her that and where I lived, but my speech was really slurred. She was a nurse named Nicky that had stopped to see if she could help. She also said, “this woman is having a stroke.” Soon I found myself in an ambulance on the way to Good Samaritan Hospital. I kept asking about Hazel, my dog. What was going to happen to her? The same nurse angel had taken her home with her and gave the ambulance attendees her phone number and address. My son would pick her up later and she was fine. At this writing, it’s been two months since that incredible experience. My recovery wouldn’t have been as good as it’s been without the kindness and generous spirit of those that stopped to help me that day. I will be forever grateful.

Our efforts with the creation and publishing of The Brighton Buzz have been to create a sense of community with the publication. Its purpose has been to bring involvement and cohesiveness to the businesses and residents in our distribution area. These thoughtful and kind efforts of those in the community where I live have made a huge difference in my life going forward. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to them again and all those that sent cards and well wishes my way. There is such strength in the positive efforts of community.

All the best to you this June,