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Offered by: Jan Hepp-Struck, Hepp Realty

February – the month dedicated to expressions of love…but when was the last time you showed your home a little love? Are there deferred maintenance issues you’ve been putting off because of limited time, money, or some other reason? Did you know that those seemingly little and/or annoying maintenance issues can be the warning sign, and even the precursor to more serious and costly repairs?

For example, if your roof is missing a few shingles it could lead to a leak, which could then lead to damaged ceiling and walls, and/or additional damage to the roof which could then result in needing to replace the roof. Or if you don’t properly maintain your water heater and it breaks causing your basement to flood, that could lead to floor damage, or loss of personal items. Some deferred maintenance issues like worn caulking on windows or cracks in drywall around windows can also be costing you additional money in higher energy bills in addition to the danger of potential rotting in the window frames, and even potentially in the walls around the window.

Many of these seemingly small issues, if addressed early when they will most likely cost only a few dollars and maybe some time on your part if you do it yourself, can save you thousands and thousands of dollars down the road by extending the life of major elements of your home and helping you realize more value from them in the long run. They can also go a long way towards helping you get a better sales price when the time comes to sell your home because deferred maintenance issues are going to have a negative impact on the home inspection and drag your home value down and potentially discourage buyers.

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