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Offered by Susan Kline

Susan KlineThis message will be nothing new, but, hopefully, helpful. It’s funny how we know there are good things going on all around us, but, sometimes choose to hone in on the negative happenings. Most everyone I interact with is very busy. Their days are generally more full than time actually permits leaving a long “To Do” list for tomorrow. Is that a flaw in their planning, or could it be seen as a tribute to their desire to get the most out of their lives? Looking at being busy either way leaves one important step in each day that we should be sure to take. We need to spend time being grateful for all the wonderful things around us. Those things can be beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, beautiful interactions with others that mean so much. I have my doubts that life will slow down any time soon for the majority of our population, but, taking the time to feel the warmth in our hearts for the things we are grateful for makes all the difference between a life worth living and one that seems overwhelming. We can give ourselves a daily gift by feeling grateful for those good things around us!

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We, at The Brighton Buzz, wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving! The joy this holiday brings is always memorable from the preparation and consumption of the great food to the time shared with our friends and family. We hope you make this Thanksgiving a very special day!

All The Best To You This November!


The Gift of Gratitude