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Offered by Dr. Jim Campbell

We hear it all the time. Good health comes from within. Your body is designed to work like a well oiled machine and get you through your days. The goal is to eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and manage your daily stresses. But in today’s fast paced world, that’s a pretty tall order!

Do you know that your body has a built-in control and communication system that drives, directs and controls all of your bodily functions? That controller is your central nervous system. It is composed of your brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves, which communicate with every cell in your body. When the control system is working right you experience good health.

When the communication system starts breaking down, problems and symptoms can arise. Since the spine houses and protects the spinal cord and nerves, any structural stress ranging from chronic muscle imbalances to disc degeneration and arthritis, can cause pinched nerves. Pinched nerves can cause pain, numbness and muscle tension throughout your body. The headaches, carpal tunnel, sciatica, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciits and other aches and pains you are experiencing are the result.

When I apply chiropractic treatment with Cold Laser Therapy, the results are dramatic. Cold Laser works at the cellular level using light and the healing frequencies specific to the body to assist the body in the healing process.

As the calendar turns to November and the Thanksgiving holiday nears, we are more conscious of being thankful for good times with family and friends. If you’re tired of living with pain and looking for a second opinion or a knowledgeable guide on your path to wellness, give me a call.

The CampbellsWith over 33 years of practice experience, my patients (humans, animals such as dogs, horses and farm animals, too) have been my teachers and I have been privileged to witness many remarkable healing results, from the inside out!

Call me, Dr. Jim, at 303-775-0272 today for human or for Veterinary Chiropractic and Cold Laser help. It’s your health and your life to enjoy. Let’s partner up and make it a great pain-free holiday season!

Remember ….You’re not really living… if you’re living in pain!

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