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Offered by: Chris Fushimi – A Mattress & More LLC

Adjustable bed frames with a gel memory foam or hybrid mattress are no longer just for hospitals. They can help you sleep better as well as aid in promoting better health. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy:

1: Ease Back Pain
Adjusting the mattress at both the head and foot will allow the surface to match the body’s contouring as close as possible. This alleviates pressure on the sciatic nerve, reducing painful conditions, like sciatica and other back problems.

2: Reduce Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Snoring.
Snoring occurs more often when lying flat because, in this position, the neck puts extra weight on the windpipe causing it to close and to snore. When one’s head is lifted, gravity allows for the weight to be taken off the windpipe, reducing the snoring.

Sleep apnea and asthma are breathing problems that can also be decreased by using an adjustable bed frame to raise the head. Sleeping in a more angled position improves airflow, reducing obstructions from the nasal passages to allow for a healthier, uninterrupted sleep, caused by apnea. Oxygen, that is restricted when lying flat, will be able to flow more freely to decrease the probability of an asthma attack.

3: Reduce Acid Reflux and Heartburn and Improve Digestion.
When lying flat, stomach acids move to the esophagus which leads to the uncomfortable symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn. A small inclining of the head has been shown to keep the acid in the stomach and away from the throat. This allows for healthier digestion and better sleep.

4: Arthritis and Pain
Arthritis and other painful conditions can be relieved with the use of an adjustable bed frame. Stiff and aching joints can be alleviated by positioning the mattress so weight is taken off problem areas to allow for a more comfortable rest. The adjustable bed can also help with morning stiffness that results from pain issues.

5: Leg Swelling
Many people suffer with swollen legs: pregnant women, people who stand all day at work, those afflicted with illness or people suffering from a hurt limb. Elevating your legs will help reduce this swelling and many common issues such as varicose veins. The adjustable bed base allows you to easily just raise your legs to help this condition.

6: Enhance Lifestyle
Attempting to seek a comfortable position utilizing stacked pillows in order to sit up in bed to read, work, and, yes, even eat, can be frustrating. The adjustable bed frame works to turn the bed into a giant, comfy, easy to position, recliner chair.

7: Further Independence
Age, a disability, illness, accident, or poor health can impede one’s mobility. This is a huge problem when one needs to get in and out of bed. Simply by raising just the head of the base will help lift one off the mattress or help one ease back into the horizontal position for sleep.

As you can see, there are many health advantages to owning one of these adjustable bases. The basic models will come with both head and foot raise, and the advanced models will also include massage, under-bed lighting and even USB ports for your electronics.

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