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Offered by Gypsy Rain Salon

The benefits of massage and acupressure are a very wide spectrum of benefits due to the fact that they enhance the body and its natural ability to heal itself. It helps the body to heal old injuries and strengthens the bones, joints, muscle, and tendons. Both improve the flexibility and mobility of the animal. They help in relieving pain by making the body release endorphins and cortisone which help with inflammation and improve the overall mental state of the animal.

These released hormones also help relieve arthritic pain and improve the overall state of an elderly animal or one that suff ers with arthritis due to injury. The benefits of both are not just physical either both help the mental state of the animal. They reduce fear, anxiety, and stress which is great for rescue animals or any animal that suffers from anxiety or has the stress of moving, a new baby, or lost a friend.

Also for anyone who watches “The Dog Whisperer” knows that fear, anxiety, or stress can lead to an aggressive dog which is why it is so important that if you feel your pet has any of these to help them reduce stress and to become more confident. It also aids in mental clarity for the animal which is very helpful with training especially if they happen to be on the stubborn side or easily distracted.

The benefits of massage and acupressure are very wide and not just for when a problem arises, they are great for preventing the problem before it becomes just that.

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