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Offered by: Dr. Hanna Muldowney – CEC’s Everest Point Homeschool Academy

The word “curriculum” comes from the Latin currere, meaning “to race.” Indeed, the schooling experience seems like a race for most people. Line up at the start, ready, set, go! Then hurry through your “school” years, hoping to jump all hurdles, avoid injuries, and come in first, if not tied with others. The image of the race brings to mind the finish line, not the journey or experience.

Homeschooling is different. Families choose to homeschool for numerous reasons: ideology, pedagogy, religion, politics, special needs, family time, opportunity… The list could go on. Parents who choose to homeschool do not all stand on a line, waiting for the flag to drop. They come with varying levels of knowledge, enthusiasm, confidence, and determination. Some knew they wanted to homeschool from the start, while others came to it reluctantly. Some will end their homeschool careers early, while others will finish the race. Homeschooling is a hybrid of team effort in which no homeschooler is an island without any support, and an individual feat where each student can keep his or her eye on the prize while also stopping to smell the roses.

Homeschooling empowers you to think about your family first, which can feel alarming for beginners. You are empowered to consider what your children need, and if that is not currently homeschooling, you have the option to consider it again in the future, and vice versa. Whether you are toeing the line of homeschooling or running the race already, you are not alone. Many groups, sites, and resources are available to help you navigate, including CEC’s Everest Point Homeschool Academy. Check us out to see what we can do to help you finish the race with flying colors.

You CAN do it!