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Offered by: City of Brighton Communications

Construction is underway for a new water project that will temporarily expand Brighton’s water supply sources. This project will accommodate summer irrigation demands, as well as fulfill a previous commitment to provide water to the residents within the Fuller Estates who don’t utilize wells. This project will impact traffic and service along Peoria Street between 120th and 112th avenues.

For this seasonal water supply, the City will be purchasing water from Denver Water for a maximum of five years or until the new water treatment plant is completed, whichever is sooner. This water will be collected through an interconnect constructed between Brighton and South Adams County Water and Sanitation District, which is also connected to Denver Water.

Construction for the project began the week of March 7. For phase one, a pump station is being constructed near 119th Ave. and Peoria St. to connect a water main to the city’s existing infrastructure. For phase two, a new water main will be installed within the northbound lane of Peoria that will run south to 112th Ave. Finally, for phase three, the City of Brighton will be fulfilling a previous commitment to be the water provider to residents within the Fuller Estates community currently purchasing water from South Adams. This will be done by disconnecting the South Adams main on 114th Ave. and connecting that line to the city’s new main. This is not a temporary connection so after this is achieved, all residents within City of Brighton boundaries who aren’t on wells will receive City of Brighton water.

When the water mains are connected, traffic will be impacted along Peoria St. and 120th Ave., so alternate routes are recommended. Water services won’t be disrupted during phases one and two, but brief interruptions will occur during phase three for residents receiving water from South Adams when the new water main is connected within 114th Ave.

The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of September 2022.

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