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Offered by: Dawn Dycus, M.D. – Brighton Pediatrics, P.C.

Our world today is more diverse than ever, filled with groups of people that have different ethnicities, religions, cultures, genders, appearances, and disabilities. These differences are also more visible now because of access to technology, including TV and social media. This makes it critical to teach our children about kindness, tolerance, and respect.

Why encourage these qualities in children? We want our kids to feel open to learning from others, which in turn enriches us with new ideas and experiences. In order to have a successful future, children need to learn how to work with others. They need to be able to understand, learn from, and appreciate others. Tolerance and kindness mean accepting people for who they are and treating others how you wish to be treated.

Teaching tolerance, respect, and kindness to children is an important part of their development, and the first lessons on these qualities start at home. Some tips to help instill these qualities in your child:

  • Be a good role model – Children learn by watching, so set a good example for them on how to treat others.
  • Create a culture of kindness, tolerance, and respect in your home.
  • Answer your child’s questions honestly and respectfully – Everyone notices differences in people, and it is OK to discuss these differences if done in a respectful way.
  • Expect your kid to treat others well.
  • Involve your children in situations where diversity is present.
  • Learn together about other cultures and traditions.

By teaching your children kindness, tolerance, and respect, you will help them grow into successful, compassionate adults.

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