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Offered by: Brian Holley – Farmers Insurance

Philosophers have written about the meaning of time, for – well, a long time! It’s a concept that is central to our existence and difficult to quantify or understand. But time does have a significant impact on many parts of our lives; whether we feel it and think about it or not.

A couple of time management tips from successful people include:

  • The last thing to do at the end of the day, before turning in for the night, is write down the top six tasks for the next day in your planning device or book. This gives your unconscious mind an opportunity to work on the next day all night.
  • Always do the most productive thing you can do in the moment!
  • Take time to take care of your health. Physical and mental wellness is just as important as financial well-being.
There’s still time left this summer to take for yourself. Maybe taking a break from your routine can help you return to work more productive and happier. As a reminder, check your speed. The start of the school year means more children will be walking around residential areas and schools. Whether you’re passing a bus stop or just leaving your driveway, keep a close eye on your surroundings. And never exceed posted speed limits!

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