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Temperatures are finally warming up after what seemed like a rough start to spring. The next several months are traditionally the busiest travel months, with most schools closed for summer. This is the time most people take their vacations.

If you drive in another state, it’s a good idea to learn if that state’s traffic laws differ from Colorado’s. And understand that, whether they do or not, any ticket you get in another state may affect your driving privileges here. That’s because 45 states, including Colorado, belong to the interstate compact. That means that traffi c charges you get convicted of in the state you’re travelling in will very likely be reported to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). And such convictions can count against your Colorado license. This is true for DUI convictions as well as minor charges like Failure to Signal. (Understand that even if you just pay a fine, that’s still a “conviction.”) And if you get suspended or revoked in any state, you will be unable to drive here in Colorado, too.

So if you get a ticket while you’re out of state, seek the advice of a lawyer, and be sure you know what will happen in Colorado before you pay a fine or plead guilty.

Whatever you do, don’t think that the Colorado DMV “will never know” about that ticket you got on vacation. Odds are, they already do.

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