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Being engaged in our community is at the core of who are at Eng Orthodontics. As a family owned and operated orthodontic practice, we have purposefully chosen to devote our time and resources to not only create beautiful smiles for our patients, but also to look for opportunities that will help enhance our community.

We love living in the same community where our patients live.
The best part of living in the same neighborhood where our patients live is being able to interact more often. Whether out on a walk, at the store or at the gym we love when a patient takes time to chat with us so we can create more meaningful relationships with them.

We are committed to supporting our local schools.
Supporting our local teachers through our Teacher Grant Program has enabled exciting enrichment lessons such as building and launching rockets, building school gardens, and producing school theatrical productions. We love supporting our local schools by providing custom items such as homework folders, lanyards, and planners. We also happily support school-wide fundraisers and a variety of clubs and teams.

We enjoy participating in and supporting community events.
You will frequently see our family enjoying the same community events as your family. Whether at the Turkey Trot, Summerfest, Red White and Blue Fest, The Ultimate Family Reunion, neighborhood movie nights, or other activities we are always excited to see our patients and neighbors.

We love living and working in our community.
Every aspect of our family life involves interacting with our community and patients. One of our greatest joys is seeing our patients with their families, whether in our Eng Orthodontics office or within the community.